"12 MAY” Limited Liability Company cooperates with AzQAC in three directions:

1. Under the terms of the contract between "12 MAY” LLC and AzQAC, relevant portion of its income from business activities "12 MAY” LLC gives to AzQAC for the citizens who applied there for treatment.

2. At public holidays or special occasions celebrated at the state level "12 MAY” LLC with the help of AzQAC carries out humanitarian and charitable helping for people which belongs to low-income families, solitary and vulnerable groups in society, including children living in the boarding house.


3. "12 MAY” LLC supports AzQAC and provides with financial assistance in the implementation (Training Course at Surakhani district for the children of low-income and martyrs' families).


Last news

"12 MAY" LLC continues its charitable actions in 2014

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"Friendship Bridge" was established

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