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    "12 MAY” Limited Liability Company was created in order to support reforms of development after the signing of the ceasefire agreement between Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh. Union, as its top priority set a goal to realize creative possibilities to implement a complete and comprehensive manner for Azerbaijani citizens, especially those who need care and support in the field of science, education, art and culture. "12 MAY” Limited Liability Company revived activity and has been implementing a number of projects in the public interest since 2013.

    "12 MAY” Limited Liability Company after its founding supports communities and carries out charities in different directions for people in need.

    "12 MAY” Limited Liability Company evaluates and contributes humanitarian efforts of AzQAC since 2013. For this purpose, on February 28, 2014 signed a formal agreement on cooperation between "12 MAY” LLC and AzQAC. It should be noted that, in the history of its activities of AzQAC for the first time signed an official agreement on cooperation as a local donor agencies with"12 MAY” LLC.

Last news

"12 MAY" LLC continues its charitable actions in 2014

Turkish singer Bashkal sang for the residents of Tovuz Ramadan

"Friendship Bridge" was established

Turkish singer Bashkal is in Terter


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